What is Coaching?

Individuals and organizations alike are turning to coaching in record numbers. In fact according to Korn Ferry upwards of 40% of fortune 500 companies engage coaches for their people.

It is clear coaching is on the rise, but what is coaching?

Let’s start with what it isn’t.

Coaching is not therapy or a place to be fixed. You don’t need to be fixed, because you are not broken.

Coaching isn’t reserved for world class athletes or C suite executives. Your challenges and aspirations are just as real as any “top performer.”

Coaching is not a conversation with a guru who claims to know you better than you do. No one knows you better than you do.

Coaching, rather, is a tailored 1:1 personal growth tool, used to develop capabilities, increase self awareness and move more efficiently and effectively towards goals.

Coaching uses transformative frameworks and strategic questions designed to pull you back into the present, help you learn from the past and create a better future.

Coaching conversations offer a set space to reflect, a space to build resilience, a space for support, feedback, and strategy. These conversations are a space to explore your unique gifts and intentionality.

A coaching relationship is a partnership where the coach and coachee co-create and agree upon desired outcomes and work towards attainment. A good coach will help you get where you want to go, a great coach will help you find more joy and fulfillment in the journey.

Coaching sessions can be delivered virtually or in person at a rhythm agreed upon by the coach and coachee. Sessions range from 20 minute check ins, to multi hour exploration and strategy sessions. A good coach offers material to support you outside of scheduled sessions.

Most importantly coaching should work for you. Rapport is critical. Finding the right coach can be one of your biggest assets in your personal development playbook.

With the ever increasing complexity of the world we live in, understanding coaching and how it can work for you can pay huge dividends in your personal and professional life.

For the last two years it has been my passion to create tailored 1:1 personal growth tools and coaching experiences. If you have questions about coaching and want to experience the practice first hand, I would love to chat. You can schedule your an introductory call here.

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