The Master Key To Wealth.

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

More money, more wealth. Money and wealth is at the top of the list of things that people "want" more of. On the surface level this would apply to material wealth, but I would argue that although people think that money will solve all of their problems, they are in fact after something different, a much more holistic wealth.

Material wealth is certainly a key ingredient in the conversation of holistic wealth and success. Those who villainize money fail to see the whole picture in which wealth is a tool to create, share, give, purchase, and experience the different flavors of life.

Those who see material wealth as the only measure of abundance are equally as short sided in their view. They fail to see the wealth that meaningful relationships, vibrant health, and growth can provide for the human spirit.

The true picture of abundance that we all are looking for on a deeper level is a combination of the aforementioned - the ability to create, experience, share and purchase, whilst enjoying meaningful relationships, vibrant health and growth. This is how I define true wealth. So from here on forward when I refer to wealth, I will be referring to this definition, a more holistic approach.

If this is the want, what then is the key?

The key is this, true holistic wealth is transferred to you in the proportion in which you are sharing and giving your unique gift(s) to the world; how much of your gift you are giving to your material wealth generating activities, how much of your gift you are giving to your personal relationships, how much of your gift you are giving to your health, how much of your gift you are giving to your life.

Your gift is the thing that you are innately good at, that comes naturally to you, what gives you energy, what practicing feels natural, and makes you come alive when sharing.

It was Shakespeare's ability to write, Lebron James's ability to play the game of basketball, the master chef who brings joy through food, the teacher who will do more for anyone else for his students because it lights him up in this way. See it is not only the masters that have this gift, it is within us all. It is not only in the creation of a world famous play, the pursuit of a Nobel prize, or an NBA championship that these gifts can be used for. They are extraordinarily valuable in every day tasks and interactions. If your gift is to make someone laugh, this gift holds power in sharing this joy with a loved one, and becoming a stand up comedian. The problem is these gifts lay dormant and are rarely called upon. As we age, layers of self doubt are built around us and the more frightening sharing these things that make us uniquely us become.

We bury the things that come natural to us, the things that light our souls on fire, and we wonder why life is so hard. We wonder why our projects, businesses, relationships, and the overall experience can be such a chore. It is so because far to often people fail to build an ecosystem around themselves that allow them to step into these gifts on a regular basis. If you break this mold, things start to flow. It is not that challenges do not arise, but when they do you navigate them masterfully. If you are living one with your gifts more often than not, the challenges arise when in a moment of weakness you slip back into the place of doubt and fear. Return back your essence and the challenges seem to fall away, revealing that the resistance was internal the whole time.

This is the key, the holistic wealth in your life will show up in the exact proportion to how much time you spend sharing and giving your unique gifts, genius, wisdom and experience to the world. These gifts are you and exist in self, depending on how life has unfolded for you they may be buried under a few layers of fear, doubt and skepticism but I promise you they are they, ready to be called upon, ready to be shared with the world, and ready to act as the key in unlocking holistic wealth in your life.

Abraham Maslow is famous for his "hierarchy of needs" but he has a quote that I believe that is much more important, more now than ever.

What he said is:

"What one can be, one must be… If you plan on being anything less than you are capable of being, you will probably be unhappy all the days of your life.”

Uncover what is it is that you are uniquely gifted to give and share with the world, call on it as your master key to holistic wealth - your power to create, experience, share and purchase, whilst enjoying meaningful relationships, vibrant health and growth. This will bring you true wealth and abundance in your life.

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