Here is the test of your abundance mindset.

Here is the test of your abundance mindset.

It is easy to have an abundance mindset, or the feeling that there is more than enough to go around, in a thriving bull market economy. With the nonstop economic growth for the last decade it has been easy for people to preach operating from #abundance, blessed and a gratitude.

Be grateful, give back, share your gifts with the world, live the abundance mindset has been sung from the mountain top during the good times, but what about now?

What about a time when as a result of COVID-19 businesses are forced to shut their doors, major events are being cancelled, people who want to work can’t, and the feeling of panic and scarcity is over taking our world like a tidal wave?

How does the abundance mindset feel now? How willing are you to operate from a place that there is still more than enough to go around?

Going to a place of scarcity is a fair response. It is hard not to when you can’t even get a roll of toilet paper from the grocery store and you are bombarded with negative news everywhere you look.

I get it and have had to work double time on maintaining my own sense. I have had nearly $7k worth of business lost in the last 72 hours.

When it happened fear reared its ugly head, I felt myself started to slip into a place of scarcity. With self awareness, I was able to catch myself realizing now more than ever the people I work with need the space of coaching to face the complexity of this time. My way of regaining the abundance mindset – keep working with these people and they can pay if/when they can.

When our world and its resources shift this quickly, scarcity is an easy and appealing emotional home. What is the hard choice, what takes real courage is to continue to offer service from a place of abundance. Continue to find ways to give back and give the best of yourself to the world.

In a time where this service is the hardest to do, it is what our world needs the most. The world needs more giving, more support, more true abundance mindset.

Operating from a place of abundance isn't just financial, it can show up as an act of kindness, a sense of understanding, a check in, a simple expression of thankfulness, getting creative and asking the question of:

"How can I help?"

When thinking of opportunity to maintain the sense of abundance during a time of perceived scarcity a quote comes to mind:

"Between stimulus and response there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom."

- Rollo May.

With each new stimulus, each announcement, with each new hit, with each new instance of perceived scarcity there is an opportunity to pause and choose service and abundance vs fear and scarcity.

With this true test of the abundance mindset, will you pass? The world needs you, now more than ever.

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