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©2019 by Jake Pereira

Creating space through coaching and content, for people to step into their MOST authentic selves.

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What is keeping you from YOUR version of an extraordinary life?

Time is Your Most Precious Asset

Yet most people go through life spending their time without intention, in ways they aren't proud of, in okay jobs, okay relationships, okay shape and okay quality of life.

If you are at a point in your life where you've paused to reflect and realized that this is not how you imagined spending your life, you feel out of control, and the gap between where you are and where you want to be is growing, I know how you feel.

A traumatic snowboarding accident where I broke both my legs, fractured my neck and back, and sustained a severe concussion and nerve damage, changed my life forever. I was faced with a seemingly insurmountable challenge and a forever altered view of how precious time is. This was my mountain to climb. Using the principles of mindset, intentional organization of life, and constant reflection and adjustment I was able to learn to walk and live a vibrant life again. Most importantly, I figured out how to spend my time. 

We all have our mountains to climb.


With the realization of how powerful these principles are in every area of life, I walked away from my 6 figure technology job and invested over $50,000 in my own development and training, interviewed billionaires, business owners, professional athletes, Buddhist monks, and every top performer that I could find, all with the mission to create space for people to step into their most authentic selves and create a life with meaning, through the best coaching, content and strategy.

Let's partner to take back control of your time and make your life a masterpiece. This isn't time management, this isn't another planner or cookie cutter routine. This is about creating a space where you can discover your deepest desires in life and in turn design your life to make these desires a reality. 

Whether you are looking to take one more step forward, or maybe even scale a mountain, I would love to partner with you to ensure you find success.

- Jake 

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